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Understanding the Product Page
Understanding the Product Page

Information about the Product Page

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Category: This indicates the category to which the product belongs.
Description: This provides the product description, offering details about the item.
Variants: These are the available variations or options for this product.
Retail Price: This represents the price at which the Supplier Brand sells the product on their online store.
For Buddies: This refers to the price you would need to pay to the Supplier Brand after selling this product to a customer.
Profit: This denotes your potential profit without accounting for shipping costs.
Local Shipping Price: This shows the domestic postage fee for delivering this product.
Local Delivery Time: This indicates the estimated domestic delivery time to reach the end customer.
Shipping Policy URL: This is where every brand provides detailed information about their shipping policies.
Returns Accepted: If this box is ticked, it means the brand accepts returns for this product.
Returns Policy: This provides details about the specific conditions and details for returns regarding this product.

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