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Can you give a detailed example of how Buddify works?
Can you give a detailed example of how Buddify works?

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FAQ: Can you give a detailed example of how Buddify works?


It's actually quite simple. Let's say you are selling candles on your online store and normally sell your candles for $30 on your online store as the retail price. As the Supplier Brand, you could offer a 25% discount to your "Buddies." Your potential "Reseller Brands" can import your product and sell it for a price they decide, whether it's $25 or $35.

It doesn't matter for you because when a Reseller Brand sells your products, you receive $22.5 plus your shipping cost for that particular product. There's no commission or percentage of sales involved since we created Buddify to provide our brands with more flexibility with their pricing. Buddify does not charge any commission on your sales, allowing you to maximize your profit.

The scenario is reversed when you import a partner product into your online store. Let's say you import fragrance products from a Supplier Brand, and the original price of the product on the supplier brand's online store is $50. If the supplier brand offers a 30% discount for its "Buddies," you can sell this product for the best price you choose and purchase it from the supplier brand for $35 plus the shipping cost, making the difference your profit.

All of this is automated. When you sell a partner product, we'll create the checkout for you with the customer's address and the discount. All you have to do is click the "pay" button, and the product will be shipped by the supplier brand once the payment is received. The same applies if you are the Supplier Brand, only this time the Reseller Brand will see the "Pay" button and you will ship the product to the end customer.

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